Catching Flights..

So recently, I attended a convention in Las Vegas and

brought my daughter with me. This was my very first time traveling with my daughter by plane, so naturally, we were both super excited. Even though I was so excited to let her see another part of the world and to experience her first flight, I was just a tad bit nervous about the whole aspect of the plane ride. What if she's that kid that cries the entire time? What if she actually doesn't like the plane ride and wants to get off? What do I do when she has to use the bathroom? Clearly I had a lot of uncertainties. But I paid for the flight so there was no way she wasn't going.

We get on the flight and she's stoked! She's loving every minute of it and talked the entire time. She even was able to witness the Grand Canyon (which in her words, she didn't know was for real). Her experience was more than successful and I'm glad my worries were put to rest.

But I wanted to share some tips I found to work, and things I wish I had done, while travelling with kiddos!

  • Don't talk negative!

Don't even entertain the idea that they might not like it. Once you start giving those negative vibes, it starts to rub off. Tell them they're going to enjoy it, and they will!

  • Bring LOTS of snacks.

I know this may be silly but they get hungry ALL THE TIME and even if you have a short flight, have enough snacks for your wait in the airport as well as your entire flight and some extras lol. You can carry snacks in your carry on and if you have a kid bigger than an infant, they can carry their own bag and snacks!

  • Have multiple activities.

So the flight we were on was 5 hours. My daughter got bored super quick. We had books, coloring pages, word searches.. and eventually she was tired of all of it. Make sure you have games planned out like "eye spy" or Simon Says. When their busy, the time will go by much faster for them and you!

I'm really glad I had the majority of these things planned out for my baby, but I know what I can do differently for next time. Nonetheless, we definitely enjoyed ourselves!

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