So, as a mom, I realize how hard it is to maintain friendships with people that aren't moms. The schedules we have as moms are nuts and it's hard to find time to just be yourself and not JUST a mom. Since the time we have aside from being a mom is so limited, I decided to bring the two together. I want to create somewhat of a sisterhood for moms where we could hang out, talk and do fun activities but also be able to bring along the kids so we don't feel as if we're missing out on anything. That's the idea behind what I've decided to call "Club Fun Mom".

Club Fun Mom will be a group for moms and their kids to get together to do fun stuff. We will pick from things such as skating, bowling, amusement parks, paint nights, parks, the zoo; allowing us to get out the house and socialize with other mothers and also enjoying time with our kids; All at the same time!

April will be the start of our Fun Mom group so I hope to have some fun with you all! :)

Don't forget to use #Clubfunmom #sophiasloveinc when taking selfies on our day out!

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