Safety First

So today, I wanted to talk about safety. Nowadays, we have to protect our kids from so much, it's almost kinda difficult to protect them from EVERYTHING. But what we can do is teach and equip our kids to be safe at all times.

Since my daughter has been in school, I'm constantly teaching and telling her things she should and shouldn't do to keep yourself safe. One thing she likes to do is just tell people what she's doing or is going to do. Granted, shes young and she gets excited, but having that information and giving it to the wrong person could result in something neither of us want.

So what I taught her was the difference between sharing BROAD and SPECIFIC information. I think this made her think about it enough to where she would ask if its broad or specific before she told someone. These are the examples I gave her:

BROAD information would be:

"I'm going to the store"

"My favorite color is pink"

"I like to eat ice cream"

SPECIFIC information would be:

"I'm going to Walmart down the street."

"I live in the pink house on Jane Doe Street."

"We like to go to Sweet Frog on Saturday's for frozen yogurt."

I think teaching kids to understand the difference between the two, will allow them to think about what they say before they say it and make conscious decisions when talking to people they may not have a close relationship with. Knowing what to say to whom can become a big part in their safety. We tell them not to talk to strangers but most kids don't see people as "strangers," they sometimes just see them as new friends. So we want to equip them with the knowledge to make sound decisions, even if you aren't present.

Let's keep our babies safe! :)

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