Don't you just hate that word? Budgets.

That's one of those words that makes you roll your eyes a little and sigh real big. BUT, nonetheless, budgets are very helpful. As a mom, or really just being an adult, having a budget becomes crucial. We have this bill, that bill, shopping, groceries, gas; it can all become overwhelming not physically seeing how our money is being spent each month. Now that checks are pretty much nonexistent, everything is digital and also a lot easier to be misread. So this is my money tip for today: MAKE & USE A BUDGET!

I started using a budget and it has changed how I view my finances and ultimately made me feel more like an I recommend every parent and adult to have one, simply because it makes paying bills clear. You see what you have and what you have once you pay your bills, so then you know what's left over for fun stuff. So here are a few tips when making your budget :)

1.) Physically write out your budget for each month

One thing I've noticed is that, from month to month, there are some things that change. Sometimes an amount may change for the month or I may end up with another expense I didn't have the previous month, so I like to make sure that I'm looking at the bills to see exactly what it is I owe for the month.

2.) Write out the name of the bill, the amount and also the due date

These are the 3 key things to have for each bill so you're not late or end up paying the wrong amount. I usually like to put it in some sort of a chart so everything lines up.

3.) Plan amounts for expenses like gas, groceries and shopping

For things like gas and groceries that don't have physical bills, plan out how much you want to spend on those things for the month. For example, if your budget only allows $100 for shopping in a month, write that down and DON'T SPEND MORE!

4.) Prepare before the 1st of the month

Try your best to have your budget for the following month planned out before the month starts. This will help to make sure you don't start spending before you pay bills and ultimately keep you organized and prepared before the month starts. I usually write out my budget in the last week of the month before (because I'm a planner lol). It does help!

So there you have it! My few tips for budgets. Feel free to send me an email with any questions or if you just need help! I'd be more than happy to lend some assistance :)

Happy budgeting!

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